Welcome to The Better Meta, a site dedicated to analyzing data about Hi-Rez's free-to-play, team-based, first-person shooter: Paladins. We aggregate millions of games worth of data to help you decide on your top picks and best strategies. Take a look and we're sure you'll find The Better Meta!

This site shows general trends about everyone playing Paladins. If you're looking for personalized stats about how you play, including individual champion ratings or live info on the players in your current match, come try out our TBM Discord bot or check out our post describing all the cool things it can do.


Our charts update with fresh data every day.

Individual Champion Performance
This collection of charts shows how individual champions perform each patch
Matches Per Minute
Figure out the best time to play a match
Role Splits
How many of each role does your team need?
Legendaries (In Progress)
Which legendaries are useful?
Champion Winrate by Map
How do different champions fare on each map?
Champion Rating Overview
Skill ratings by champion
Champion Winrate by Skill
How good is each champion, accounting for player skill?
Role Composition (Newest!)
Which compositions beat other compositions?

There are more in the works, so stay tuned!


Short writeups about new site features or data interpretations.