New Kinds of Graphs

June 11, 2019

For a long while, I’ve been focused mostly on the TBM Discord bot and graphs. It got to the point where adding new graphs to the site was a hassle, so all of my new graphs have been going there. I’ve finally gotten around to modernizing the website graphs, and here’s the first batch!

Outside of making the graphs easier for me to build, all the new graphs will be filterable by game mode (e.g., Casual vs Ranked), and/or Input device (Keyboard/Mouse vs Controller), and/or patch.

Map Distribution
Graph showing distribution of maps (how often maps come up in rotation)
In-Game Ranked Tiers vs TBM Ratings
What in-game tiers are related to what TBM ratings
In-Game Ranked Tiers Distribution
Graph showing the distribution of in-game ranked tiers
Matches Per Minute
Graph showing how many matches per minute go on in different regions throughout the day

There’s more in the pipeline, so hang on if you don’t see your favorite graphs yet.