Personalized Stats (Discord Bot)

October 20, 2018

Up until now, The Better Meta has been about showing what champions/legendaries/compositions etc. work across huge groups of players. If you’ve ever wished you could find out detailed stats about you as a player, or your individual matches, then you are in luck. We now have a TBM Discord bot that provides individual, personalized stats about you or your friends. The bot gives you stats about each of your champions, your matches, and even tells you how stacked the odds are when you start a match.

To use the bot, just click on the link to our Discord chat, and start typing commands. Once in Discord, you can get detailed explanations for any command by typing !help command.

In the rest of this post, I’ll give an overview of the commands that are currently available and what they do.

Current Match Stats

So I think this is the big one. As soon as the draft is over, you can get information about all the other players in the match. I run this for pretty much all my matches since it gives me an idea of what to expect, who to worry about, and who to focus on.

In the screenshot below, “Rnk” is Hi-Rez’s in-game rank (e.g., Plat 3), while the ratings are The Better Meta champion ratings that we use to build all our skill-based graphs. The “chance to win” calculation is based on the champion composition of the two teams, as well as champion-specific and player-overall ratings. It correctly predicts the winner about 2/3 of the time.

There’s a similar !match command to get the same details about matches that happened in the past.

Player Stats

This command gives you an idea of how good a player is at each champion, and how that compares to other people. Because people often play differently in casual and ranked, there’s different ratings for each queue. This is a great, objective way to figure out which champions you’re actually effective with. People are often surprised about which champions they do the best with.

Detailed Player Stats

Here you can dive deeper into a player’s stats for a specific champion, broken down by legendary. The different stats are: dps (damage per second), sps (shielding per second), kpm (kills per minute), hps (heals per second), xpm (deaths per minute), and cps (credits per second). You get a breakdown for both casual and ranked, and a comparison of your recent matches with your overall stats, to see how you’re improving (or not!).

This one is brand new as of this week, so the details of this one may change with feedback.

Recent Matches

This breaks down your performance in specific, recent matches, in terms of the same dps, kpm, etc. stats as above. It compares you to other people who play the same champion in the same game mode to get an idea of how you played vs how most people play that champion in that mode.

You might find (as I did) that you play a support champion more damage-heavy and heal-light than other people. If it works for you (your ratings are good), then maybe you’d take this information and lean into it—build a loadout around it, see how far you can push it. Or, maybe you’d want to try dialing it back to see if you can sacrifice a little damage for a lot more healing. You can even compare it to our Individual Champion Performance graphs to see how you match up against other champions.

Graphing Your Ratings Over Time

The last command I’ll mention is actually a graphical command. It gives you a scatterplot showing your overall ranked rating through time, after each and every match you’ve played. As you can see below, you’ll be able to find plateaus, periods of growth, and (sadly) slumps. This helps you figure out if your practice is paying off, or if your overall strategy of drafting is working. Are you picking champions that work for you? Is it time to try something different?

The actual graph is zoomable in Discord.


So that’s an overview of what our Discord bot currently offers. I’m planning on adding all sorts of other commands as well, especially as I get feedback. We also talk a lot of stats in the Discord, and there’s a ton of graphs there that haven’t yet made it to the site, so it might be worth dropping by just to check those out. For whatever reason, I hope you drop by and check it out. Mention @pseucrose in Discord to send me a hello!