Champion Effective Winrate by Skill

There’s been a lot of misconceptions about this graph that I hope to clear up soon, but for now, just please see the definition of effective winrate below the graph. Thanks!


This chart shows how well you can do with each champion based on how good you are at playing that champion. Specifically, it compares Skill Percentile (X axis) with Effective Winrate (Y axis).

Skill Percentile
Players of a champion with a skill percentile of X are better than X% of everyone who plays that champion (based on rating/rank/ELO/MMR). E.g., a Makoa player in the 95th skill percentile is better than 95% of all people who play Makoa.
Effective Winrate
A player with an effective winrate of Y means if they replaced an average player in an otherwise balanced match, their team would win Y% of the time. It is a way of expressing the idea “How much better is this person than average?” This graph does not show actual winrate.

The “Patch” input at the top of the chart allows you to switch to a certain patch (game version); the most recent patch with data is selected by default. This chart is based on competitive players who’ve played their champion at least 10 matches. The data is also weighted by how often players play, so that the chart reflects the typical opponents you might face in game.

If you’re interested in more details about how skill levels are being determined, you can read about it in great depth on our Ratings post.

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