Legendary (Talent) Breakdown


This graph gives information about legendary (talent) performance. You can look up whatever stat you're interested in on the Y Axis (e.g., winrate, popularity, damage, healing, etc.), for a certain patch, game mode/input device, and skill level.

The skill level you choose is based on TBM player ratings. The ratings roughly correspond to in-game tiers like this:

TBM RatingRough in-game tier
You can use the In-Game Ranked Tiers vs TBM Ratings graph to get a more accurate idea of where these ratings fall. E.g., choosing 2700+ means you're looking at data from any match where the average TBM player rating was 2700 and above (roughly Diamond and up matches). To figure out your personal rating, you can by using the TBM Discord Bot.

For the Winrate data, 99% confidence intervals are denoted by black bars. This helps give an idea of how accurate the estimates are, even when the number of matches is low. The true winrate of a legendary is likely to fall outside of only 1 in 100 black bars.

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