Champion Rating Overview


Confused reading this chart? Get a detailed explanation in the Ratings post.

This set of graphs shows the distribution of rated players across champions. Each person gets a separate rating for each champion they play, and this graph shows how good or bad all those ratings are. Champions with more of a presence on the left side of the graph are easy to be bad at, and champions with presence on the right are possible to be good at.

The x-axis shows “advantage”, which can be thought of as how much better a player is than the average player. Specifically, if there are two evenly matched teams and you replaced an average player on one team with a player of advantage X, that team would be X% more likely to win. Players with a 35% advantage comprise the top 0.1% of players who’ve played at least 10 games. The y-axis varies depending on the selected settings, but generally shows “how many” players there are for a given skill level and champion,

This chart includes competitive data from OB41 to the latest patch from players who’ve played their champion at least 10 matches. It only shows data for champions with at least 400 players.

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